Dell Foglight

Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Reduce MTTR of incidents
  • End war room cross-team finger pointing

Without an integrated, comprehensive view into end-to-end transaction visibility, countless hours are wasted comparing data and pointing fingers in war-room meetings as everyone tries to figure out the root cause of an issue and who owns it. With Foglight, support teams work from a single integrated version of the truth resulting in reduced finger pointing and improved MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution) of application issues.


“Foglight enables us to fix problems before users and customers are affected.“



Overcome Mixed Infrastructure Challenges

  • Ensure performance on mixed physical, virtualized and cloud infrastructure
  • Consolidate monitoring tools – cut operations costs and improve visibility

APM solutions today must understand the complexities of all tiers, including virtualization and clouds, and be able to correlate the information from all of them with application services so user expectations and service levels are met. After all, users and the business don’t care whether the infrastructure is physical or virtual – they just know the app is doing or not doing what it’s supposed to.


“Foglight helped reduce MTTR by 75% by helping us find and fix problems related to VMware faster – we had ROI in under three months!


Visualize IT Executive Dashboards

  • Provide real time visibility into business impact, service trends and resource utilization

Technology complexity and constant demand make balancing IT resources with business demands a key priority for IT executives. Using Foglight model we can customize the dashboards the way they needed for business and IT. Making sure that our clients have clear real-time visibility into service levels, business impacting performance issues, system health and process metrics.


“Foglight provides intuitive, role-based dashboards of the managed environment to give us a clear understanding of performance.”