Our Approach

Success of our process is based on well-defined milestones that signal transition from research to production phases of a project. Earlier phases focus on functionality, while later concentrate on achieving product qualities (robustness, performance, commercial presentation)

A high-value approach to Outsourcing

The face of software engineering has changed. Offshore outsourcing (once considered threatening) is now an accepted trend. In order to achieve and maintain a competitive edge, ALG helps companies by adding value throughout the product lifecycle and working as an extension of their in-house teams.

Consulting and training

At ALG Systems, we offer our clients IT management services and strategic planning. Our goal is to quickly, effectively and economically deliver solutions that maximize client ROI.


Technology is about transactional solutions handling day-to-day operations. And, it’s a rich portfolio of applications and systems with wide functional breadth. Companies that integrate these assets for effective decision-making can drive their competitive advantage.
ALG Systems understands the specific needs of your business, develops practical business solutions based on our insights and experience, and can bring change that produces results.

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What makes our Firm is Our People. We pride ourselves on building an exceptionally talented, dedicated, honest, focused, and highly intelligent team that has repeatedly proven its ability to work together under the same leadership and quality principles.