DataDog is a go-to tool for customers with that need seamless integration of metrics and other machine data across the full devops stack:
∙ SaaS and Cloud providers
∙ Automation tools
∙ Monitoring and instrumentation
∙ Source control and bug tracking
∙ Databases and common server components

Advanced Monitoring Engine for Business-Process Assurance

What tools of management and control can we offer to business process owner and revenue owner?

Problem statement: all new fancy Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools still target IT staff - developer and administrators. Maybe a business application owner at best.

HP Business Service Management

HP Business Service Management (BSM) solution that we offer to our clients ensures optimal IT performance and availability in a dynamic world.BSM topology based correlation of data from different modules and existing systems anticipates disruptions and enables to take action before services are impaired.

Agile DevOps and Agile Monitoring

Recent Forrester study claims, that "while revenue and profitability are measures of past performance, agility positions a firm to better react to both market opportunities and threats." We help our customers becoming agile

AppDynamics: #1 in Business Transaction Monitoring

We are experts in APM tools and their integration, and value our affiliation with AppDynamics, one of the market leaders. AppDynamics platform is more than monitoring. It’s true Application Intelligence.

Application Monitoring

Application Performance Management (APM) is emerging as a key IT discipline because maintaining the performance and availability of applications is the primary service of Enterprise IT