Data warehousing and online customer facing analytics for Automated Voice Services Platform

Upgrade existing data warehousing and reporting solution (IBM COGNOS) with metric collection and aggregation for custom communication programs developed for specific customers (Data-marts and operational reporting)

Implementation of issue tracking software for Comverse Network Systems

Implementation of issue tracking software for a leading provider of software and systems for communication industry

ALG Mission: Value

Nobody likes waiting. Nobody likes surprises either. We work hard, to make sure you don’t have to have them. It’s about process. It’s about using the right technology and architecture. It’s about people. It’s about Value.

QA Automation for a leading SCM

Design and implementation QA Automation strategy for a leading vendor of software configuration management tools.

Health Information System for Clinical Case Management

Design and implementation of clinical assessments component, including assessment editor, assessment runtime, and Assessment BPM subsystem.

Lab Management System for Anglo-French Medical Laboratory Network

Complete rewrite of Medical Laboratory Management System, data migration, implementation, staff training.

Clinical Decision Support

Clinical rules automation and Content Management module for Online Advanced Diagnostics and Molecular and Genetic Testing Management Solution

Budgeting and Corporate Performance Management with IBM COGNOS for Insurance Carrier

Implementation of COGNOS-based CPM platform; Automation of planning and budgeting; metrics and score carding and different business levels; Modernization f existing DWH.

Case Management for High-risk Population

Design and implementation of next-generation “smart” clinical content that combines clinical knowledge, actionable rules, and analytical data points for integration with next-gen clinical decision support and workflow systems used to manage high-risk managed population.