Best Practices for modern APM

Application Performance Management Solutions 

Application Performance Monitoring

Effective APM means detecting and diagnosing problems in real time, drilling down to the offending code for rapid resolution.  When implemented correctly, APM allows viewing and analysis of every user transaction, all the time.  Integration with Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) solutions means automatically checking performance in your build pipeline, before any code is deployed to production.  


Network Monitoring

Have the ability to look deep in side your enterprise applications (SAP, Oracle, MS Exchange, Citrix, SFDC).  Powerful real-time analytics can deliver unparalleled insight into performance, application availability, and employee actions and activities to accurately detect and resolve performance problems as they happen.  


DevOPs and Continuous Delivery

Fully embracing Agile ensures that everyone who is part of the process is part of the team - business, development, ops with everyone sharing the same goal of delivering superior solutions.  Take that further by moving past just release automation and introducing performance goals in development phases as well as production.  


Performance Engineering

Be assured your app releases will be on time, new features will work under load, won’t break anything already in place, and that third party pieces run smoothly.  Transparency, visibility, insight and action equals reliable, repeatable outcomes. With code-to-click visibility you’ll have actionable insights at every step in your app lifecycle.


ALG Systems APM Services


Professional Services

Our many vendor partnership ensures our consultants have the most comprehensive and up to date solution knowledge to help you adopt best practices and maximize your ROI.


Development Services

ALG's Performance Engineers leverage leading commercial APM solutions to deliver innovative, world-class application performance monitoring and user experience monitoring solutions that help you deliver the best possible customer experience.


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