Measure of Our Performance - Project Metrics

We work hard to assure consistent delivery and highest quality of software projects. As part of integrated project management we measure our performance in two main areas:

  • Project Management
  • Quality indicators
  • Customer and Employee Satisfaction

These metrics are employed by leading companies in the software industry, and are important indicators in Capability Maturity Model (CMM), a well-known benchmark of excellence in software process.

We'll cover Project and Quality metrics in more details

Project Indicators

These metrics address the fundamental management question: Is project on budget and on schedule?

Work and progress
Pre-planning estimate of the work in an objective measure allows tracking progress against the plan. Each major team within a project has at least one perspective that it is measured against:

  1. Architecture team: spec and designs completed, use cases demonstrated
  2. Development team: changes and fixes completed and closed
  3. QA and testing team: number of fixes and changes requested, test hours executes, readiness criteria met
  4. Project management team: milestones completed

Financial status
Different tasks and pieces of a project are assigned percentage-earned value. Percentage-complete then compared against scheduled and actual costs, to identify behind-schedule, or ahead-of-schedule situations.

Staffing and team dynamics
Iterative development starts with a small team until requirements and architecture mature. Implementation stage employs the largest number of participants, and reaching transition point the team gets smaller again. Knowing planned and actual dynamics and composition of the team allows us to avoid staffing trouble well ahead of time.