Query & Analysis

Users at all skill levels can ask new questions and quickly get the answers they need. ALG makes analytics user-friendly by delivering the usability features from Web-based to seamless integration with Microsoft Office.  This allows users from across the organization to query and analyze data.

Our solutions enable users at all skill levels to access virtually any data source and combine data from multiple platforms in a single query.  Complex analyses can be performed in familiar Microsoft Office environments so business users can ask their most challenging questions and get the answers they need quickly and easily. 

ALG can deliver end-to-end linked technologies, including data access, data quality and a common metadata layer, which increases consistency of data and business rules. This ensures that large volumes of raw data are converted into accurate information for reporting and analysis.
By leveraging existing data and system assets and bringing BI to everyone through familiar and intuitive interfaces, ALG helps organizations leverage existing skill sets, serve all user types, lower total cost of ownership and deliver critical business intelligence to more people faster than ever.

Key Benefits
  • Interfaces provide multiple ways to get to data (local or enterprise level).
  • Users can perform queries without having to learn new skills.
Key Features
  • Self-service query capabilities are available for all levels of users based on needs and skills.
  • Wizard-driven query capabilities are integrated within the business user reporting environment.
  • Complexity of data structures are hidden from average business user.
  • Queries can be performed across multiple data sources (databases and platforms) using relational or multidimensional data.