Business Process Management

Why does is matter?

As some organizations update their business processes to stabilize operations, reduce cost, and/or gain efficiencies, other firms turn to business process platforms from application vendors, implement Business Process Management (BPM) suites, and/or seek outside help to reinvigorate or transform old or stale processes.

No matter what the driver, we believe that the key to success is viewing business processes from the customers’ perspective — instead of an internal view — and designing processes to deliver the greatest value to the customer.

Without good processes in place that address customers’ needs, enterprises will be at a competitive disadvantage. ALG provides business process reengineering recommendations to assist with process improvement and redesign.

Our core competencies also include training for implementing process change and change management support. We also assist our customers with the implementation of best practices and developing centers of excellence for BPM. We use the latest industry tools, process improvement workshops and process analysis and mapping modules.

Our expertise in business process analysis, execution, reporting, and optimization technologies will help your company implement best practices to realize an organizational shift from functional management to process ownership.