Clinical Decision Support

Project summary Clinical rules automation and Content Management module for Online Advanced Diagnostics and  Molecular and Genetic Testing Management Solution
Customer A leading suppliers of vital medicines, supplies and information technologies for healthcare  in the US and Worldwide
Project geography USA
Project objective To provide design languages and tools for authoring and management of emerging clinical content and rules that will support standards-based genetic and molecular testing in the US and International markets
To design and develop reference implementation of rule-engine and other components of decision support system based on this content for integration with online Web Services and applications
Project highlights

The burgeoning $4 billion U.S. molecular and genetic testing market represents a third of all diagnostic testing costs, according to industry sources.
These new tests enable earlier diagnosis of disease as well as safer, more effective, tailored treatments for patients. However, personalized medicine is clinically and financially challenging for patients, care providers, labs, and insurance carriers.

To help all stakeholders settle on the standards of care and for patient to receive treatment in the most effective and efficient manner the new system provided a set of clinical Web Services and applications that provided:

  • test selection;
  • electronic routing;
  • automatic authorization against centralized rules for coverage and orders;

Behind all this technology was a body of knowledge, constantly being developed and updated by medical professionals. This automated and actionable evidence-based clinical content was focus of ALG project activities.