Dell Foglight

Whether you follow a traditional data center model, or a cloud (or hybrid) model, you can be sure your performance management and user experience needs are covered with Dell Software. Dell best-of-breed solutions are integrated on a common architecture model called Foglight, built around transactions. It blends business context with deep technical insight. And we have all required knowledge and experience to help you implement these solutions and integrate them with other tools and existing systems.

We offer Dell Foglight to our clients because it is like a swiss knife among APM solutions - can handle anything you come with. Moreover, the common architecture model in Foglight provides a “single version of the truth” - collecting, correlating and managing all data from your monitored systems. It helps you to:

Improve User Experience

  • Enhance performance for users
  • Reduce and quickly resolve support calls

Very few users are able to explain a problem in sufficient detail for support engineers to understand and scope it. And if the user reports some error code, it often requires knowledge of what led up to the error to resolve it, something even fewer users are able to do. This usually means asking users to attempt recreation of the problem, slowing down resolution, lowering user satisfaction and consuming IT staff bandwidth.

Being able to look back in time at both the performance delivered to end-users in aggregate or to an individual user session to see what they experienced is an essential element in preventing history from repeating itself.

Job Partners


“Foglight gives us a precise view of our customers’ applications and end user experience. It allows us to diagnose what has gone wrong without having to talk to the customer.“



Launch New Web Applications

  • Ensure performance upon rollout
  • Manage once in production

No matter how you look at it, when you’re getting greater performance from your web applications, it’s significantly easier to retain customers, minimize abandonment and maximize revenue streams. With Foglight you can proactively monitor application performance according to pre-defined service levels to quickly determine if it’s performing as required.

Financial Software Specialists


“Foglight tracks 100% of financial platform users – 100% of the time, to provide a complete picture of the user experience.“