HP Business Service Management

In today’s dynamic business environment it is vital to deploy mission-critical business applications quickly. At the same time business is demanding more strict requirements of its applications and service levels.

Unfortunately, applications do not always meet performance and availability expectations despite detailed plans and best practices that have been followed in the application lifecycle.

HP Business Service Management (BSM) solution that we offer to our clients ensures optimal IT performance and availability in a dynamic world. BSM topology based correlation of data from different modules and existing systems anticipates disruptions and enables to take action before services are impaired. Centralized console gives a 360° real-time view of services and desktop, web, and mobile apps across traditional, virtualized and cloud environments.

BSM consists of and manages various modules that concentrate on different aspects of monitoring.


RTSM is the key BSM component, responsible for automated discovery of infrastructure components, understanding the relationships between them and creating service models and comprehensive views. Technically this is an instance of HP Universal CMDB, embedded in BSM.

The RTSM reconciles and stores configuration items discovered by the different BSM data sources. It also models operational data like downtime, alerts, SLAs, and data related to the configuration of Application Performance Management (APM) capabilities in BSM. The RTSM is used to:

  • Correlate various monitoring sources against managed services to provide comprehensive view of service health
  • Enables proactive monitoring and service level management by defining realistic, quantifiable service-level objectives, and measure real-time application performance levels against those objectives
  • Drive event processing on top of a dynamic, near-real-time model of the IT infrastructure
  • Serve as a central repository for dynamic changes discovered during the real-time operations



OMi is simplified, unified, automated IT operations management software. OMi provides:

  • Base for umbrella monitoring – excellent connectors to all popular third party solutions and tools
  • Automated model driven monitoring, filtering (hiding) high volumes of alerts and events
  • Topology-based event correlation for root cause analysis with the help of RTSM
  • Fast root cause identification and prioritization, with automated remedial action
  • Cross-domain view of your environment