QA and Testing

You have probably considered QA Outsourcing, but were not sure if it was right for your company.

However, once you understand the process, you will agree that outsourced testing is the most reliable, safe and cost-effective solution for many situations, especially now when budgets are really tight.

And here is why. We believe that testing is a science and requires a great deal of specialized expertise. Unlike other companies, we know that there is a lot more to testing then just “pounding the keyboard”. We employ modern techniques such as test automation and coverage analysis to produce key code stability and maturity metrics. We will address your unique testing needs by pulling together the right methods, expertise, and equipment to meet all your needs within your budget.

We can provide you with impartial, reliable, timely results without having to maintain salaries, benefits, and expensive test facilities to get them.

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Surprising facts about QA outsourcing.

Outsourcing your QA is cheaper than hiring full-time contractors
There are high costs associated with hiring a full time contractor: searching, interviewing, hiring, and training. Once they are hired you are responsible for providing them with testing tools, office space, and other resources. And the result is not always guaranteed, until you actually see their work. If you are lucky and you have a great performer, would they be available for your next phase?
In contrast, when you hire ALG you get the whole package - experts who test for a living, expensive test equipment, and state of the art facilities, all ready to swing into action at the drop of a hat.

Most companies who outsource QA already have an in-house testing organization
QA outsourcing doesn't replace in-house testing. It complements your own development and testing processes, seamlessly filling any gaps in your testing schedules. If you don’t have your own QA organization we can take full responsibility for your testing, integrating directly with your development team.

Custom testing doesn’t mean doing it yourself
We all know that one size does not fit all. Your product needs a unique approach to achieve high quality. Our experienced QA engineers are experts at understanding your requirements, working with your team and designing a comprehensive testing strategy that fits your schedule and budget.

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