Insurance Portal for US Healthcare Reform

Project summary The online system for health insurance applications. Due to very complex structure of health insurance applications and business rules driving application workflow, creating a user-friendly self-services website is a major challenge that was successfully met.
Customer Leading online health insurance agency in the North-East region of the US representing all major health Insurers in the market
Project geography USA
Project objective
  • Create state-of-the-art secure online health-insurance shopping experience
  • Identify requirements and design and implement flexible XML-based language defining health insurance application behavior and appearance
  • Provide authoring and content management tools for creating online forms build for flexibility and growth
  • Implement XML-based EDI with Health Insurance providers
  • Comply with all privacy and HPPA regulations including secure storage, transmission and audit trail requirements
Project highlights
  • Powerful and extensible XML-based language for defining complex forms, that successfully handled business logic and presentation of over 20 insurance providers and their health plans
  • Quality authoring tools and content management tools for forms developers
  • Pixel perfect generation of complex PDF forms
Project description Specific project activities:
  • Define usability requirements for a web application
  • Define workflows
  • Design XML-based language describing presentation and logic of application form
  • Design authoring environment for XML-based forms definition
  • Design and implement Content editing and publishing lifecycles
  • Implement BPM and forms rendering engine
  • Implement pixel-perfect printing of blank and completed insurance application forms
  • Implement secure online environment for consumer that is HIPPA-compliant (including database encryption)

Implemented using ASP.NET 4.0, AJAX, MS SQL 2008, MS SQ 2008 Reporting Services, Oxygen XML Editor customization